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Coral was just one of many exotic materials used on high-end English cutlery of the period.This set has been exactingly reproduced from original examples, and I feel one of the best ever offered.

Many complex forms of snuffers evolved for the homes with many candles.

Some had concentric trap-doors that would snap shut and isolate the snuff.

They are scissor-type tools that cut and retain the snuff trimmed from candle wicks.

The snuff is partially burned wicks and, with the addition of oxygen, is very flammable, therefore it needed to be isolated so it would not reignite once trimmed from the wick.

These coins are cast in fine pewter from molds made directly from original coins, so they capture the wear and look of actual circulated coins. Hook the tine through a loop on your hunting pouch or the button hole of your coat, leaving your hands free to continue hunting. Hanger is solidly constructed, riveted over the tine with an iron washer.

Coins are each, or for a set of all 7 coins. SOLD See our Soldiers page for our complete selection! For information about the goods and services of Old Dominion Forge, please select one of the following links: Most items will be shipped USPS. If the item is not in stock when you place your order, you will be given a projected delivery date.

Knife measures 9 1/2 inches long, fork 7 3/4 inches.

0 Copy of George Washington Battlesword recently made for a customer.

The curly ash handle is accented with two pewter bands and a distressed finish. SOLD SOLD - Hand Forged Pipe Tomahawk Head forged from a rifle barrel with hardened steel bit welded in for the cutting edge. Axe measures 18 1/4 inches tall, head is 6 7/8 inches long by a 2 3/8 inch cutting edge. Copied directly from an original in fine pewter, aged finish.

This hawk features extensive file work, an exceptional curly maple handle, and pewter inlay. each or set of 10 for Reproductions of some of the most common coins in circulation in colonial North America.

Completely hand forged and filed, this hanger features a double-locking mechanism and lots of embellishment.


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