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Outlook can recognize these previous messages as well.You can navigate between older and newer messages from popup buttons that appear when you hover over the older email’s header.

If you choose view makes it more obvious who the email is from and who else is active in the conversation.

This is especially useful if you usually only email certain people about certain topics, making the subject lines less relevant.

Stand (or sit) at a comfortable distance and face her. You’ll get out of your own head and let the conversation flow. The good news is that since you already know some things about her it can actually be much easier to start a conversation.

Show her she has your attention and that you value hers too. This sets the tone for a comfortable conversation and makes you appear confident without being cocky. So far we’ve been talking about how to start a conversation with a girl you just met, but what about how to talk to a girl you like and already know? Use what you know and like about her to start a conversation. The good news is there are plenty of things to say to a girl you like to start the conversation and let the flirting happen naturally.

It seems basic, but a simple hello goes a long way A lot of guys think that figuring out what to say to a girl is the hardest part in this process. To get to know her more personally, use questions to ask a girl. Here are 2 steps to start a conversation with a girl you like: Good conversations are one of the best opportunities you have to show your interest and flirt with a girl you like. Here are three things to say to a girl you like: Whether the question is serious or goofy, this shows that you value her opinion and want her input.

They worry they’ll say the wrong thing or make a fool of themselves. Get a recommendation and share your favorite too.3. Ask one of these questions that are all about her.4. A lot of guys go wrong by not making it clear that they like the girl they’re talking to. It’s important to know how to keep a conversation going with a girl so that things don’t awkwardly fade into silence.

Select the message to read the latest email in the conversation.

Or, click the triangle to see all of the messages in the conversation. Most email programs and services include the previous email in the body of an email when you reply.

Do you prefer the way Gmail sorts your emails by conversation?

Here’s how you can use this handy feature in Outlook too.

If she looks away or avoids contact it might be a sign she’s not feeling it. Once you’ve approached her and struck up a conversation, pay attention to the signals she gives you. Wish her well, brush it off, and find someone else you’ll get along with better.

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