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When couples feel secure and comfortable with one another, they are more likely to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life. Women prefer the closeness of spooning after sex, while men release prolactin, a hormone that promotes sleep after intercourse.However, spooning can help to relieve stress for men, as cortisone, the stress hormone, is reduced in the body when couples are in the spooning position, according to Professor Stuart Brody, a sexual psychologist from the University of Paisley.

Holding hands, rubbing a person's back or kissing while holding someone's face can be considered cuddling.

While cuddling is an intimate act that shows love, it doesn't necessarily have to be private.

Maybe you're watching a movie or the fire crackling. Men and Women's Reasons for Cuddling Over the course of my own academic research and clinical experience, I have interviewed numerous men and women about their sexual desires—and cuddling often comes up, but sometimes for different reasons.

So if you're like most people, it just feels to cuddle. However, some researchers draw different conclusions. John Gottman, another leader in the relationship and sex research community, suggests that not only is cuddling a good thing to do for your relationship, but, based on his 40 years of researching couples' intimate lives, he made a list of 13 things that couples with great sex lives do—and cuddling is number 7 on that list!

For this reason, it is important for parents to cuddle with their children, as the act reassures the child of her parents' love. According to a study conducted by the Berman Center for Women's Health in Chicago, couples who cuddle have more satisfying relationships.

Spooning benefits couples and also promotes oxytocin production and a sense of security.

For instance, a couple sitting next to each other and holding hands while watching a movie in the living room is appropriate for the children to see.

While spooning can be nonsexual, it is an intimate act that's usually reserved for couples.

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