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Thermo Fisher’s genetic analysis technology plays a key role in similar cases around the world, initially when investigators seek to extract DNA from crime scene evidence.

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The man, who had been eluding police for 28 years, had been dubbed “China’s Jack the Ripper” because of the similarities between his crimes and the notorious serial killer in London during the late 1800s.

Also in August, a former sanitation worker, dubbed the “Grim Sleeper,” was sentenced to death for murdering nine women and a teenage girl during a South Los Angeles crime spree dating back 30 years. In both cases, Thermo Fisher’s chemistry was key to unlocking the crucial DNA evidence used to track the killers and confirm their identities.

This solution is the single most widely used short tandem repeat (STR) based kit for human DNA identification applications.

It allows DNA evidence to be analyzed in a way that is consistent with major worldwide criminal database standards.

After sequencing a case sample, forensic investigators then compare the DNA evidence to the genetic profiles in the databases.

Law enforcement has used our Amp FLSTR™ Identifiler™ to search for exact genetic matches, as well as familial searches in which the evidence DNA matches many of the markers, but not all, indicating the records on file belong to a relative.You would then be able to consolidate the progressions, synchronize your documents, and create reports for your records.You can analyze whole drives and organizers at rapid, checking just sizes and changed occasions.Recent headlines offer remarkable demonstrations of just how Thermo Fisher Scientific’s human identification tools are helping law enforcement agencies from South Los Angeles to Western China solve crimes, including some of the most brutal and confounding cases that remained unsolved for decades.In August, Chinese state media announced that police arrested a 52-year-old man after DNA evidence identified him as the serial rapist and killer of 10 young women and an 8-year-old girl.Likewise, the first tab demonstrates the spared sessions.


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