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Kissing your homies goodnight has been a running joke on Twitter and in memes since as early as 2017.

Since the first tweet praising the sweet bedtime practice, the act of smooching ones friends has been very present in memes on Instagram, Reddit, and Facebook.

Apart from getting the eff out of the Hurricane's pathway, there are always memes to calm those nerves for a bit!

Look, we don't know a whole lot about gaming but we trust that if you clicked on this link then you know a little something about it.

Of course there are a few exceptions that prey on stupid people, but nobody's perfect.

This batch of tweets, memes, and gifs is just the kind of silly fun we're looking for when it's time to take a load off.

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And if they don't satisfy your edgy cravings, there's a whole lot more where these came from in this gallery. One of our favorite ways to blow off steam after a long week of work is by watching prank videos.

Unfortunately, most "pranksters" on Youtube have started to pull immature, and frankly cruel, pranks like throwing away their boyfriends' video games or girlfriends' makeup. We're into the stuff that will pack a mental punch instead of actually hurting someone.

You've all probably heard guys getting roasted for having a mattress on the floor, a single chair and a console in their rooms. Whether you're mostly in love with your vibrator or can't keep track of your dick appointments, there's something in this batch of sexy memes for every brand of horny woman. If you're bored of relatable memes and fluffy wholesomeness, this cringe-packed wince-inducing batch of memes will be seriously refreshing.

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