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Or maybe you just wanted to be that person that proudly proclaims that they made everything from scratch for their Thanksgiving feast this year (ahem, me).I used to brag that I could make a swan out of an apple, but chicks don't dig swans—they dig roses.So, we found 8 unique ways to make that pie a little less snooze-fest and a little more interesting. My interpretation of that age-old adage means that keeping your house clean is just as un-fun and boring as being a goody two shoes.

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No matter how warm or cold is is outside right now, I will remain completely fascinated by rolled ice cream. There was once a time when everyone scoffed at the turmeric tonic tea sold at the coffee shop I work at.

Funny, because as of recently, we seem to be selling out. Beyoncé must have been spotted buying turmeric beverages on the cover of some celebrity magazine.

Whenever I went to the grocery store on a mission for blueberries, I'd inevitably find myself staring at these weird little tomato-looking berries... Ah, butter—the (literally) heart-stopping star of the dairy world.

Everything tastes better with it, from pie crusts and cookies to veggies and steaks.

From mainstays like guacamole to buzz-worthy variations of avocado toast, this silky green fruit is the Hulk of the food world right now. When it comes to barbecues, vegetarians get the short end of the stick.

I, for one, welcome any avo-centric trend with open arms... Harry Potter fans got a treat last week when Pottermore, a site created by Harry Potter author, J. Rowling, released a test that let users learn what form their Patronus protective charm would take. While you're brushing fire-roasted ribs with your favorite mouthwatering barbecue sauce, we're crossing our fingers that there's some meat-free side dishes hiding away somewhere.So now I'm going to brag about making apple roses, because you would, too, if you could get them to look like this: Now that's an apple tart that will win the ladies over.(And definitely 100% tastier than the usual bouquet of roses, and 100% less greasy than a bouquet of bacon.) Calling all popcorn fanatics: we know a bit of drizzled butter is all that's needed to make a delicious bowl of your favorite finger food, but we've got some interesting mash-ups of flavors that we think you should try the next time you veg out on your couch for another Netflix marathon.Pumpkin pie is a symbol of autumn, and it's the traditional dessert to whip up for your fam when Thanksgiving Day arrives.But year after year of the same old thing can be a total bore if you're not a strict traditionalist.Right now is that magical time of year when the general public decides to embrace their inner fattie and get baking in the kitchen.

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