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The effort involved in pulling off a romantic three-course meal might be difficult, but it's sure to impress, and with just the two of you involved it is a much more intimate occasion — so get lighting those candles.Making sure your evening hits all the right notes doesn't only extend to the food involved, everything from the table setting to the atmosphere should be considered.

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Reason number 2- Added pressure to keep your manners in check. It’s nerve wracking enough to go on a first date with someone you hardly know without the stress of having to act like a debutante. And did you just hear his teeth scrape across that entrée fork, or are you imagining things?

Reason number 3- Sometimes, there are just way too many courses.

But creating a meal with a specific cuisine can transport your date to an exotic destination for the evening, or remind them of a romantic break you took together.

Here is a list of our favorite cuisines to start your dinner ideas for two. Italian: Italian food is a sure-fire winner on most dinner dates — it's easy to make, looks fantastic and is absolutely delicious as well.

Dinner ideas for two means pulling out all the stops, and choosing a good bottle of wine will elevate your meal to a more memorable and refined place.

It can often seem a daunting task, picking a wine to match with your meal, but there are a few tips in selecting the right bottle and ultimately making the experience more special!Foie Gras, caviar, and truffles can make you feel privileged and decadent. In the grand scheme of things, none of this is actually a big deal.But an expensive dinner in a fancy restaurant can also be a little awkward when you’re just getting to know someone. But when put on display on a first date, they can be misinterpreted for being picky or high maintenance.Japanese: There is something incredibly refined about Japanese food and this cuisine should definitely find itself at the top of any list of adventurous dinner ideas for two.Bowls of steaming and spicy ramen soup and fried dumplings look impressive but are surprisingly easy to make.Pricey, fancy restaurants sometimes go the 4 or 5 course route when serving dinner.


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