Dating for one and half years

But we tell family that we met at a university lecture.” (London, England) We’d already scheduled the ceremony. He drove me to the wedding in the same car that he’d driven my mum— a green MG Midget.

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For a while, you will hold hands everywhere, even when you don’t really want to (you just got out of a pub loo and didn’t dry your hands; you would quite like to get your phone out of your pocket but it’s in the same pocket as the hand they’re holding and you don’t want to stretch your arm across your body, etc).

Probably two or three dates in and this is what you’ve been waiting for.

You’d have a shit time and have that first flicker of doubt (“this going out stuff was more fun when I was single”).

Probably takes place lying in bed when you least expect it.

Expect to answer thinly-veiled questioning on where you see yourself in five years.

Respond very, very carefully if you see yourself being alive in five years’ time.

To translate for the current economic climate: moving into a slightly nicer flat without any intrusive housemates around to walk in on your “romantic” cooking sessions. If you first met this boy or girl at 21 then no way.

If you’re in your mid-twenties then it’s a scary possibility that two could become one sooner than you think.

This one coincides roughly with the time you should be leaving a toothbrush round their house. Now all your friends, your mum and that guy you met in a bar last year (but never followed up with) know you’re in a relationship and officially off the market. Also, everyone in the room knows you’re shagging and that’s awkward.

Maybe feeling comfortable enough to say “I’ll be staying here often”, and revealing whether you go for manual or electric; maybe it’s just a happy coincidence (happier if you go electric – it’s so much cleaner). It’s all brilliant, they smell like roses and you couldn’t be happier. It could be about where you’re supposed to go out for dinner. This is [insert name of the person you pulled six months ago].” You revert to your “home” personality type (obnoxious, a bit adolescent), while your partner worries about whether to hug or shake hands, whether to chime in or let you do the talking. This sounds a bit seedy, but it’s probably not (unless you want it to be? Maybe a short trip somewhere like Copenhagen, Dublin or some remote cottage in the Cotswolds.

"To be, or not to be," may be the question, but there is a definite third option when it comes to relationships: "to sort of be."The almost-relationship is (sadly) totes normal these days.


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