Dating for people who love the outdoors

Design by Mill Design & Advertising, coding by Chevinside. I set out to write about gear and outdoors stuff and all of a sudden I’m a relationship columnist. I’m the last person any of you should take advice from in that department. Relationships, though; I just don’t know why I keep putting myself through it. So, an unintended consequence of listing all the great things about outdoorsy women in my last article was the contact from a bunch of guys who say they want to meet and woo a fantastic outdoors woman but can’t find any (first of all, guys, you appear to be looking on the Internet. Evidently, there are scads of lonely hearted men out there searching for their Lynn Hill but only finding Carrie Bradshaw. If where you’re going is full of guys, you already know there are no women there. Don’t say stuff like “oh my god, a woman doing [activity]! ” There’s no good way to respond to that statement and even if she would otherwise find you attractive, you’ll probably turn her off, saying moony stuff like that. If you happen to cross paths with a woman whom you find attractive, TALK TO HER. Don’t gaze at her bike and drool “nice ride” while staring at the top tube. If you want to date HER, look at HER and talk about HER.

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Dating for people who love the outdoors

Not just for singles in the UK looking for active partners, but also a community of like-minded active people for reviews of outdoor events and organizations, as well as a workout buddy matching and singles outdoor adventures.

Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia -area group that caters to active singles looking to meet people for friendship and potentially a dating relationship.

Welcome to Date Active, the place to be if you are looking to meet fit and active outdoors type or sporty single people like yourself.

It's free to join and free to post your profile, including photos.

Grab your cup of tea, wine, or whatever you like and join in the discussion with me today.

Now that I’ve been back in to the single world of dating for some time now, I have observed that guys don’t necessarily dig the outdoorsy chick. Outdoorsy, adventurous types like myself are pretty awesome.

I’ve assembled some advice for the guys who want to meet an outdoorsy woman but can’t seem to manage it. Go outside and do stuff and keep your eyes open (and up, for god’s sake. If you spend most of your free time hanging around the internet ski/bike/climb chat boards, haven’t you noticed that it’s an utter sausage fest around there? You also come across as incredibly shallow if you simply want to fill the blank spot in your life with a woman-shape on a bicycle. If you spend the entire lift ride talking about her skis, that’s what she figures you’re interested in. Few things are more off putting that someone who blows themselves out hammering for the first 40 minutes and then needs a break every ten minutes because they’re tired. I’d say this offer could potentially be rebuffed for safety reasons if you’re on a remote trail, but maybe at the resort or on a busy trail it would work better.

I’m definitely not an expert on this topic as it’s admittedly very tough to meet someone who is a good match both indoors and out, so keep that in mind. Just chill the hell out, relax, be social, and HAVE FUN. You may have some preconceived notion about what your outdoors woman is going to look like, what age she is, what sports she likes, and how good she’s going to be at them. The point is to not just turn tail and run after you’ve concluded your first positive interaction with this woman you’ve just met.

Still, something's lacking in your life and you want to find that special someone to share some special moments with, or perhaps you just want a single person to work out with, explore hiking trails together, or learn a new activity with.


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