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For the month of July her friends have generously offered a room in their home for us to stay (hotels have been getting expensive).They had a party on Saturday, and I just feel lost when they switch to speaking Hmong and start laughing.

I work with Hmong people in Laos - drink and eat enthusiastically; make an effort at the language, and show your respect for elders.

You have a fantastic opportunity to learn more about a different culture, it will be appreciated if it is visible and genuine!

Also, related to this, always finish your can/shot. Also, depending on if her family is "hardcore" about drinking, you might get away with "I'm not feeling well."Each family/clan have their own rules about drinking, but a few good points/questions to ask: That's all I can think of at the moment.

Feel free to PM if you want more details/have any more questions, or if you want to ask my husband any questions.

When it comes to their values, they are traditional in outlook, and trustworthy in practice.

The main features of Lao women are their slender builds, a surprisingly nice, curvy figure, long black hair, smooth clear skin, and their entrancing and alluring eyes.

It means that she is thinking you are the one, and want everyone's (or mostly everyone's) blessing/okay.

One of the big things about the culture is that word gets around fast within the community (because it's so close-knit), and the reason why it's such a huge step is because once a woman is married, she's completely cut off from her family as a "daughter." It's a little confusing, and I don't want you to get confused so I'll clarify it a little bit: her family will still consider her a daughter/sister (and love her all the same), but spiritually she will not be, so she cannot just go back to her parents.

Her sisters loved me, but her mom was very different.

She couldn't speak english and disliked me immediately. This mom also gambled profusely and left her kids home alone all day.

Family is very important in that culture as it is in most, so I had to opportunity to meet lots of her family.

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