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You may even write down the specific “selling points” of each venue —things you will mention to her when you invite her out.“There’s this little diner a few blocks away from where I live that looks like a medieval castle.

I feel like sharing it with you”.“There’s a place around the corner from where I live that has the coziest, comfiest chairs and darkest rooms I’ve seen in a bar.

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There’s art in recognizing which strategy to use in what situation.

Gauging a woman’s character and her immediate responses is the key to seduction.

We can do our best to seduce a woman or we can help her to seduce us. It really makes no difference which strategy we use as long as it is successful.

In some situations active, persistent attack works best; in others, we might have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

I suggest you behave this way wherever you go, not only in your prospective date venues.

So you do it for a few weeks and get to know them and they get to know you.

I think we should go together next Friday”.“A ten minute walk from where I live there’s a pizza joint that opened in the 1950s.

This is the place that has set the standard for all the pizza restaurants in NYC.

I’d like to take you there.”“I know a bar in my neighborhood where a ninety-year old jazz pianist plays evergreens every Friday night.

The guy played with Armstrong, and he still raises hell.

Colton of “Romancing the Stone” fame.“Close your eyes! Then wait for the first awkward pause—or create it by saying something serious. Without my move, hers is not likely to happen (such is our social conditioning) There are two possible scenarios here: either I make a move; she makes hers; I make mine; etc.—or I make a move, she drops the ball—I leave the game and find a better tennis partner.

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