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But it’s more likely that he’s trying to turn you into his perfect vision of a woman, one that’s a far cry from who you really are.[Read: The 15 most essential relationship tips for single women] #12 He’s passing you onto another guy.And the worst part about his genius plan is that he can blame it all on the alcohol the next day. You’re all made up and ready to go, and then you receive a text saying that he suddenly can’t make it to your date.

If it only revolves around him, then this can be a sign that he’s a bit of a narcissist and you’re just there to provide the added ego boost for him.

If the conversations are always about you and never about personal details in his life, then he may be trying to keep you in the dark about his life.

However, if it happens often, it may be a sign that he doesn’t value your time and therefore finds it so easy to just leave you hanging. Here’s the tricky thing about telling an elaborate story: it can be so detailed and realistic that you might actually believe it.

But when you notice that he always has to do some super specific errand for a friend/relative on the other side of the city, then it can be one of two things: he’d rather do a tedious errand for someone else, or he doesn’t even think you deserve the truth. [Read: 22 early warning signs of a guy who’ll be a bad boyfriend] #9 He’s constantly distracted.

It can start off with introducing you to one of his mates, and later on commenting that you really hit it off with his friend.

Then he’ll give his friend your number so you can start texting.

He probably knows you’d take him in given his current state or he’s looking to get laid.

Almost always, he knows he can flirt sexually over the phone or get to sleep with you with the least bit of effort.

One minute we’re searching for signs, and the next, we want something more definitive. So for guys who don’t want to say it, but feel the need to “subtly” reject you, there are 15 signs that you can rely on to find out if he’s just not as into you as you are into him. At first, it’s always you asking about his day or hinting at hitting the coffee machine at the same time.

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