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Let’s go through these scenarios, one by one, and note the difference between a true Shy Guy and one whose feelings are simply lukewarm: As Rules women know, we don’t “do the rules” on men.

We do The Rules on ourselves, stripping away negative behaviors and replacing them with healthy behaviors that naturally allow attraction to build.

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What he responds to best is a woman with a light, feminine touch; like a beautiful butterfly, she shimmers just out of reach.

By not “helping” him date you, you are letting him know that you see him as the competent adult man that he is. If he approaches you and you start dating, trust that he can figure out what to do.

But if you admire a man with a more subtle style, you have to be careful not to overwhelm him with your eagerness, or nudge him into "going along" passively with your agenda.

You could find yourself in an entanglement with a man who's not really sure how or why he got there.

That doesn’t mean he is satisfied or happy with that dynamic, or that he isn't capable of pursuing you if he’s motivated to do so.

The inexperienced man is like a turtle: when women chase after him he retreats deeper into his shell.

Remember: If a bachelor has a steady job and is reasonably well-groomed and moderately attractive, then he has women approaching him at the gym, at work, contacting him first on POF and e Harmony, and generally showing him attention.

He may be surrounded by a near-harem of female "helpers."FROM BCBGWhen a man is used to being guided and micromanaged by women, it can become a behavioral pattern that is both comfortable for him and hard to break.

That may seem like a disappointing result at first, but it's a powerful gift in the long run. Study my flirting tips if you want to know how to enchant a man who tends toward a more subtle, quiet personality.


  1. Also, in many areas it is considered unethical and may be illegal for someone over 18 to have relations with someone under 18.

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  3. But you must remember that in any dating venture you will have your swings and misses and the best bet is to pick yourself up and keep moving.

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