Dating hobart

I prefer the company of younger women as I don´t look or act my age!

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Dating hobart

I'm I'm an easy going, cheeky lass, an ass shaker, climber of trees, rock jumper, muso, cat lover, life traveller etc - I'm sure there is a drop of gypsy blood here somewhere. I’m a writer, mostly poetry and song, but I’m not a musician at all, I don’t practice enough for that!! Meeting other sisters gives me warm and fuzzy feelings for the joy of being in such company...

to chat of anything and everything offered and experience what the universe brings forth.

I still receive pleasure from the feel Interests - music, fashion, design, art, corsetry, tailoring, black layers, women, cooking, wine, astrology, astronomy, writing, creating, tarot, passion & spirit etc etc Favourite things - shoes, books, feathers, shells, crystals I´m interested in heaps of things, generally trying to take stock of the world around me, and doing my best to enjoy as many things as I can, which requires an open and curious mind.

I´m not particularly materialistic, but I´m in the fortunate position to I am 5´4" tall, slender build, blonde hair and green eyes.

I love creating things eg bldg sheds Love outdoor adventures, and close friendships too! spontaneity, fun, communication, and connecting with people. My "drug" of choice is adrenalin - rockclimbing, bushwalking and I would really like to connect with some like minded women..out of Tassie and local. Work is sometimes consuming so its important for me to have some down time..a beer or a Basically I love to have fun and have a laugh.

Whether it´s going out with friends for a big night, or purely staying in watching movies. i enjoy my work and work early mornings I am (or people see me as being) honest, funny, loud, pretty open, like to have a good time, like driving, music, kissing (lots), watching movies. I´d like to find someone who is fun Hi, well where can I start. Im not one to come in to a relationship n hurt Hi there, I am a fun loving eager person. I enjoy a variety of activities and am always eager to try new things.

I enjoy going out with friends, clubbing, shopping (of course!

), chocolate : P, listening to music and watching movies my name is renee, I´m 166cm tall, size 10 with a fit body, light brown hair with amazingly blue eye´s (not meaning to sound up myself because i´m really not) I´m a really fun loving person, who is up for learning new things and having Attractive Feminine 18 yr old, vibrant and full of life & energy, long dark hair, blue eyes that change colour, tanned skin and manicured that is the best i can describe myself.

i love catching up with friend I am a co-ordinator for an aged programme & I enjoy my work but really am looking forward to retiring early next year.


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