Dating in mozambique

An acceptable distance might be less than two feet at times.

Mozambicans tend to touch each other more than Canadians; it is common to see two women or two men who are friends holding hands while walking down the street.

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It is not necessarily important to maintain eye contact.

Generally, whether you touch someone or not depends on the relationship you have with them.

In terms of eye contact, you will notice that a “superior” e.g.

a boss at work, might look at an employee but the employee may look down out of respect.

It would be advisable during the first meeting to avoid discussing politics.

In addition, it would probably be better not to ask where the other comes from because there is some tension between the northern, southern and central regions of the country and the question may be mis-perceived.

With colleagues, it’s better not to touch while speaking. Canadians will note that Mozambican men touch each other while talking more than their Canadian counterparts and it is not uncommon to see men holding hands.

Women should note that it is not common for men and women to touch each other unless they are intimately involved and, therefore, if a man touches a woman there is likely an assumption of intimacy.

Mozambicans tend to talk with their hands, using lots of gestures and pointing at others while talking is appropriate.

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