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In a way, it’s exactly the opposite of what happens on other shows.Their sexuality isn’t the thing that is sticking out about them. I think that is so refreshing and that it is so wonderful to see...

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As a result of Carmilla's popularity online, Bauman has garnered much attention on social media for her role, primarily on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, where she has since amassed more than 200,000 combined followers.

The show's popularity helped her secure the 9th position on After Ellen's Hot 100 List in 2015.

In 2014, Bauman was cast as the lead character Laura Hollis, the naive and headstrong student of Silas University, in the Canadian web series Carmilla, based on the 1871 Gothic vampire novella of the same name by J. The series has become popular online for its depiction of LGBT characters and has been viewed over 70 million times on the Kinda TV You Tube channel, attracting fans worldwide.

When interviewed about how she feels playing a queer character in a series that isn't about being queer, Bauman said: You don’t see any of the characters being ostracized because of it [their sexuality].

before being made available on multiple online platforms, including Netflix, in 2017.

Installments of the third and final season of Carmilla began airing on You Tube in September 2016.

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Signal boost these projects to your network of friends. " In 2018, Bauman made her directorial debut with Canadian musician Ellevan's music video "Keep Going".


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