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So basically now everything that’s left just falls into Season 3." tends to do, but it's possible that Friese could be referring to the Season 2 finale reveal of multiple dimensions.

Although Martha was killed by Adam in the finale, one of the final shots of the episode shows an alternative version of her arriving and telling Jonas, "I'm not who you think I am," and when asked what time she's from, she says, "The question isn’t from what time, but from what world," before she takes him… Now that we know some kind of alternate realities exist, we need to know 1) Where the hell Jonas went, and 2) How these other dimensions fit into the plot overall.

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There are also a lot of things in Season 1 hinting to Season 3.

Also, we actually thought about putting some of the stuff that’s now in Season 3 into Season 2, but then decided to move it backwards.

That could change, as the deal between Netflix and the CW is always in flux.

CW seasons arrive on Netflix 8 days after they wrap up their run on the CW.

There are rules to the time travel on the show: Everything is a cycle and the past can't be changed, and there's a whole lot of incest and confusing family relations, like the revelation that Elisabeth and Charlotte are each other's mothers(??? But whether you've galaxy-brained until your brain explodes, or you're so confounded by the Season 2 ending that you've given up trying to predict what's next -- everything will serve a purpose in Season 3.

In an interview with Indie Wire, showrunner Jantje Friese said, "The basic idea of Season 3 was something that we already had when we started.

, will return to Netflix in late June for a second, supernatural season, the streaming company revealed in a new teaser today.

If you thought things were messed up in Season 1, you ain't seen nothing yet, mein freund.

The CW has not yet provided a Season 2 premiere date. The streaming future of all of the CW’s shows got a lot murkier with the announcement of HBO Max, since the CW is half owned by Warner.


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