Dating investment bankers vba excel custom function not updating

While it is likely that the investment banker you are dating can afford to take you out to eat at fine dining establishments many times over, do not make the nice meal the primary reason you are dating him.

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I'm trying to finish the thesis I never finished and excel at work and bond with my colleagues since I'm with them 99% of my life anyways! There are some moments when I can actively feel myself getting stronger. It seems H has been spreading the word that we've broken up so that I don't have to. I obsessively followed his little dot until he was home, then I was finally able to sleep. Is there more pain still coming that I haven't processed? It's by far the longest it's ever been that we went without speaking. I'm starting to really identify the qualities and traits in a person that are important to me, and the things I'm not okay with. It's not something I'm very proud of, and I think it's very applicable to this blog so I'll tell you girls about my thoughts on this. Interacting will be too complicated and too painful.

And sometimes I have a weird thought...would I ever date another banker? Most people know by now, and what's completely shocking is how many positive reactions I've gotten from people. Funky new boots and a red lipstick can really pick you up! I have zero doubts, I'm still healing and sometimes I worry about him, but I don't the miss relationship. I go to my old university and encourage students to apply for job openings. Another night I was checking his location and I discovered he was very close to my house. So many people have been telling me how amazing and peaceful and strong I look and seem and am. It's been some of the least stressful and most peaceful days I've ever had. I had this unexplainable urge to prove to everyone that they were wrong about him. Also he has my personal Mac Book because he wanted to learn to code for i OS on it.

If he spends more time bashing other people, gossiping or just generally talking badly about others instead of being positive about life, something is wrong. I took a moment to process this and I wasn't sure if I would be sad or not. Not that H had me tied down or prevented me from going anywhere, but there was something in the this final link that I had cut that gave me an incredible sense of freedom. He continued by telling me all the emotional blackmail H had put me through about him being unable to function/falling apart without me was bullshit (his friend said it, not me! People checking up on me, who knows if it's genuine or for gossip, but I like to believe it's genuine. I went to a friends house the other night for a Wine and Cheese Night, and it felt good to be with people who didn't know him and didn't know who I was when I was with him. As the good vibes continue and work and exercise keep me busy, I'm starting to notice that I have some good physical chemistry with someone from work.

I'll try to write more about things I learned from K, but this is just a brief update for now because I know you girls have been waiting for ages to hear from me. I thought about it again and suddenly I identified the feeling. ) I told him that I understood that it was completely justified and that I was glad we managed to overcome the dramatic issues. Over and over again I get shocked by how many people had bad impressions about him and are amazed at how good I look and sound. I need to do that more, be completely surrounded by new people, or a few old friends who didn't interact with him much. I notice the way my breath catches a bit when he comes and sits on my desk and leans into my laptop to tell me something.

When I would fight with H, I would call A and tell him I wanted to see him. He never made me talk if I didn't want to, and he knew that a long hug was usually all I needed. He was over it, and I was so happy he wasn't trying to be sneaky or trying to win me back. He would handle the stocks and trade what he wanted and try to break even. But nothing from him at all about the status of our pending issues. It's quite common at my office for couples to get married within the company, but how weird is that? I know how stupid and petty that is, but I can't believe that there was a possibility that I live the rest of my life doing that. H invested a significant amount of money in some equities in my name.

I didn't necessarily have to talk about it, but spending time with him was always a guaranteed way to feel better. I am starting to feel the effects of investment banking wear away. When I pull up to my apartment, sometimes I forget to look around to make sure H's car isn't parked nearby. It was a reply about how we should manage the financial logistics between us. I wouldn't need to touch it and he would let me know when he was done to give him the money back. He already cancelled my credit cards that were linked to his account (I hadn't tried to use them, so I didn't know), and he said I could have anyone pick up my laptop from his office on any day, just to let him know when it would be so he could leave it with security. I assume he'll reach out at the end of the month after a full month has passed since he sent the email, which is when he originally wanted to meet. I'm obviously into guys who are proud of their jobs and take their lives seriously, but how do you balance that with actually having a life? Burying myself in fitness and friends and family and work. I feel relived to have come to the realization that it's okay to be wrong. I still get ransoms congratulations from people and have to correct them. He specifically told me that if we broke up that the money would remain mine, but honestly it's way too much money to keep.

Come clean from the start, otherwise there could be bumps later down the road.

Your bonus could be reduced or you could be sent to a different department or continent.

I went to work the next day, sleep deprived but happy and cheerful and upbeat. Although it's a bit weird for him to not contact me, I'm not frustrated by it. How do you balance that with a personality sucking job that takes over every piece of your life? It's more of a rambling thought day as I try to distract myself from checking on H. Some how things can simultaneously feel like they were years ago and just yesterday. The funny thing is that I've had lots of offers from people who said they could find out about him for me. I've been doing some guided meditations and there are times when I can literally feel myself getting stronger and better. I need to give it back, but I first need to sell the stocks and some of them I'd be selling at a loss.

It was a hectic day but I managed it well and my good results at work are starting to shine through. I try to not think of him out partying and getting drunk and meeting random girls and instead focus on me and what my plans are and what I want to do. I'm looking forward to the week ending and spending some quality time in the gym! Everywhere I go and every day that passes I feel like I'm healing and getting stronger. It's been a month since we've had any communication. Sometimes it will be in the middle of a meditation, or a middle of a workout. I get sudden flashbacks of our relationship all the time. And how would I give the money back to him without interacting?

He motivated me, knew how to have fun, let loose and not give a fuck about what anyone thought about him. And his friendship taught me that a guy should be there for you.


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