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He encouraged them to strive to be their very best, too.

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It was no secret that Jim was married to his soul mate as they were partners, companions, and best friends.

His love as a husband spilled over into the love he had for his children, and he felt like the luckiest man in the world to become Pa Pa to the most amazing grandchildren.

In addition to holding down his studies, he worked at the Corner House Restaurant in Racine where he bussed tables. After graduating from high school in 1961, Jim went on to University of Wisconsin in Madison with aspirations of becoming a pharmacist.

He worked hard during the summers at a steel foundry in Racine to put himself through school.

His maternal grandmother, Veronica, filled in many of the gaps that his mother’s necessary absence created, and she became very influential in Jim’s life.

Even from a young age Jim was a bustle of activity.

In everything they did, he was so very proud of his children. They moved to Burlington, Wisconsin, when he took a position at Tobin Drug. After 30 years, Jim retired from Tobin Drug in 2003.

Jim spent five years working there before becoming a partner in Tobin Drug. That same year he and his wife moved to Milwaukee, settling in the Third Ward close to all the activities and social opportunities they enjoyed such as the theater, festivals, the river, and dining out with family and friends.

Her name was Lori Lochowitz, and they met in the summer of 1962 back home in Racine as she was dating a friend.

Jim liked to give her a hard time because she attended Marquette University, with no football team, but it was a different story come basketball season.

Jim lived an active life filled with countless enriching experiences, but what made these things even more special was sharing them with the ones he loved.

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