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And Japanese younger than 27 also are the first to come up in a very changed educational system, one that is no longer centered on competition.

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They met their wives through family or work, and the women would then leave their jobs to take on the role of primary caregiver for children and the elderly.

Family structure and the corporate system effectively constituted Japan’s "welfare society," where the government indirectly provided for the people through its support of the corporations; in turn, their smooth functioning was based upon the understanding that women would provide child care and elderly care while receiving security and benefits in return as part of their husbands’ and sons’ lifetime employment.

Just one problem for English speakers: The source for the statistic is a survey by the Japan Family Planning Association and written in Japanese.

Pundit Fact doesn’t know Japanese, but Kumiko Endo, a Japanese-American academic, does.

On top of the worsened labor market, young people in Japan also have the burden of caring and preparing for the oldest population in the world.

It would be reasonable to assume that all of these factors would cut into their interest in marriage, but it really hasn’t.Combine the age groups, and the average response was about 46 percent negative — the figure that drove attention-grabbing stories in Western media.The association released its newest survey for 2014 a few months ago.The funny thing is, among younger Japanese, it is only attitudes toward sex, not marriage, that have changed.In the corporate-centered society that catapulted Japan into a leading world economy after World War II, men would graduate from college with job offers from corporations that offered employment and benefits for life.In 2010, 86.3 percent of men and 89.4 percent of women still said they "intend to marry some day." Japanese women assuming a strong professional role is relatively new, and gender equality in the labor market is decades behind other advanced industrialized nations, Endo said.


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