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During his first address to the nation on Sunday, he – rather incongruously – spent the 50 seconds of his address speaking about the terrorist threat posed by Al-Shabaab in the region.He did not address the coup attempt, the protests, or concerns about independent media being able to do their job.In the 1990s she refused an offer to work in the Burundian parliament after a shootout that killed her husband.

He has dismissed his cabinet and is now surrounded by ultra-loyalists.

A mortar man with 1st Sapper Company, Burundi National Defense Force makes his way to a firing position during a combined arms breaching exercise, June 26, 2012. Dominic Pitrone Date Taken: Location: BUJUMBURA, BI Read more: The Burundian army has a central role in the unfolding political drama.

Refugees are facing harsh conditions – Kagunga, the 11,000 person fishing village immediately across the border in Tanzania, is hosting at least 70,000 Burundian refugees.

There is no infrastructure to deal with this massive influx (the village only has 94 latrines), and cholera has begun to spread rapidly.

Nkurunziza knows he has a great asset with the Burundian army, and he must manage this relationship very carefully – the coup would have undoubtedly been successful if the army had supported it in a more assertive way. AP reports suggest that the army has at least partly taken over crowd control in Bujumbura, with soldiers trying to contain protesters while confronting police directly in some neighborhoods.

If there is one thing to keep in mind, it’s that the army has a much more pacifying role than the police, with soldiers playing an important buffer role between police and protesters over the last few weeks.

Already at least 33 people have fallen to the disease in recent days.

How will the exiled population be able to participate in the political process, and when and how they may be able to return to Burundi, is unclear.

One of the most worrisome developments in this ongoing crisis is the alarmingly high number of people crossing the border from Burundi into neighboring countries.

Now over 125,000 Burundians have fled to Tanzania, Rwanda and the DRC – from 20,000 just a few weeks ago.

Burundi has been blessed with female figures who have distinguished themselves in various fields: sport, academia, fashion, tourism, humanitarianism and music among others.


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