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Safety Features All members are at least 18 years old and are required to be either single, divorced or widowed. Search Functionality Easy-to-use search filters make it effortless to seek out interesting singles by gender, age, location, height, hobbies or political views within your state or province.Organization & Ease of Use The profile is extremely easy to fill out with a majority of true and false questions." If this is a yes, and you want anyone you're matched with to say yes with absolute certainty, select Yes, will only accept those who answer Yes, and then mark the question as Very Important.

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​Those of you with brand new profiles can of course skip this step. If you truly want to meet someone amazing, you have to let go of whatever hasn't worked before.

Why are you clearing all your answers though, answers you've spent likely hours cultivating? If for some reason you can't let go of the questions, start another profile.

If you've got an Ok Cupid profile right now, or even if you're just setting one up, go and do a basic search.

Click on Browse Matches on the top left of the screen after logging in, then switch your filters to whatever pleases you, making sure you sort by Match %.

Click on Search, and take a quick boo at your first three matches—which technically should be your highest Match % on the site. Let's start with some rules: you can only have 2-3 things, they must be crucial for you, and they have to be somehow quantifiable.

Take note of these similarities, and look at a few more profiles if need be to see a pattern—because there will be one. Perhaps they're all older than you, or of a certain race. It should be quite obvious to you very quickly that there's a pattern here, which is great! These things can easily change, so just use whatever comes to mind first.You will however need an account with Ok Cupid, and access to the computer-based version instead of just the app.If you have zero interest in the science of love and dating, or if you are already well versed in Ok Cupid's algorithm and how it shares information with you and other folks using the website, you can easily skip this section and move on to step three.Online dating requires a different approach than your average meetcute.Instead of continuing the cycle of frustration, here are some real-life tips that should improve your prospects.If you read step two of this how-to, you'll know that what you write in your profile directly affects what people can search about to find you.


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