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Traditionally women stayed at home raising kids and looking after the household and some of that does live on in Portugal today, especially in the countryside.

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My experience of Portuguese men, bearing in mind I was about fourteen years old, was that this one guy tried to get closer and closer to me on the bus.

We were sitting next to each other and he wanted to eliminate the space between us.

They even have a saying that marriage between people from the different countries are never a good idea: “Just like the East winds from Spain bring storms, likewise, Spanish spouses bring trouble.”Body Language While close friends touch each other whilst speaking to emphasize something, the Portuguese don’t get in your space in the same way the Brazilians do.

They most certainly don’t try to start kissing you within five minutes in a bar, like some Brazilians. Clubbing If you want to meet Portuguese men in clubs or bars, it’s recommended you bring some female friends along.

In the bigger cities chances are you’ll see much more equality between the sexes in all ways.

Also, remember that just because something is tradition doesn’t mean someone is looking down on you.

Also, some Portuguese men simply appreciate seeing the feminine side of you.

The church still plays a fairly big role in many people’s lives in Portugal.

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Gay dating isn't usually simple or fun, but it's one of the most effective techniques to see an area and meet new consumers.

Luckily my grandma was sitting on the seat behind me and saw what he was doing.


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