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But how do you get from point A (alone) to point B (with somebody)?

The answer is simple: You look at the long-term game, ignore your emotions, and trudge forward despite your feelings.

I've mentioned before that I think women think emotionally while men think logically. I mean this in the context of dating, not in the context of every-day tasks like cooking dinner or using a calculator.

What I mean is this: Girls use their emotions to make rational decisions.

But the problem is this: In our culture, in our society, men are expected to act despite their emotions. If a woman at a bar is acting offensively, or hurling insults/put-downs towards a guy, the guy cannot react emotionally or he loses the chance of successfully mating her. If a man and woman are in a relationship, it's the man's job to go out of his way to make sure to engender the right feelings in a woman. Valentines day flowers, special dates, and a regular on-going ignition of passion is expected. She never understood the reason she felt it in the first place, but losing it is a sure sign whatever the reason was, it's gone now. Sometimes it has it's ups, and sometimes it's just horrible.

Men have to acknowledge this hidden truth, and act accordingly, no matter what their feelings are on the subject- or risk losing the girl entirely. I feel great one minute, only to lose all my confidence the next minute.

Girls will make statements that aren't necessarily logically true, but are emotionally true.

"I feel like you're not paying attention to me." It's not necessarily based on what's true, it's based on how she feels.

It is the only approach that works for men, and it's cold and riddled with stark realizations about the nature of the world and the people within it.

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