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Then the tricky part is making sure you get rid of all references to the old code so that it can be garbage collected.I'm not quite an expert on that part, I've made it work but it wasn't easy.This will require the server to restart itself after an update.

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When the client was out of date, we relied on the user to quit manually, but forbid any action against the server.

Please note that I don't know if Java can invoke UI code before you bring up your main window.

But in a public consultation, in which 749 West Berkshire residents took part, nearly 85 per cent of responses (643) disagreed with the proposal.

Challenge to ‘justify £50 green bin charge’ WEST Berkshire Council has been asked whether it can justify propos- als to start charging residents £50 to have their green waste bins collected.

However if you do meet someone local and decide to meet up, we urge you take extreme precautions and read our blogs about Chat Safety and Meeting people from the chat rooms offline.

Our goal is to provide you with a free online chat service that requires no registration.

Java 6 has reached its End of Public Updates, which means there will be no further public secure updates for Java 6.

In a stage one equality impact assess- ment, the council argued those who are unable to pay for the service could make use of disposal services at the house- hold waste recycling centres in Newbury and Padworth.

I've written a Java application that can load plugins at runtime and start using them immediately, inspired by a similar mechanism in j Edit.

j Edit is open source so you have the option of looking to see how it works.

Sheep have been grazing in the cemetery since the local authority decided some months ago that it would solve the problem of keeping the grass in the rough areas neat and the place generally tidy.


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