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The earliest one is a lot more zoomed in, unlike in the early and final version.

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Most of these are featured in the collector's edition art book for Persona 3.

A placeholder cut-in portrait for Junpei and yet there is another one that's zoomed in A placeholder cut-in for Mitsuru with a similar that has an extreme close-up. There's also similar version is also featured that's more zoomed in.

There are place holder cut-in portraits in the game's code, some are bigger than the ones in the final game.

However, unlike the placeholder portraits, the final ones show less body than the unused ones.

Presumably, this was used as placeholders or to test out how Cut-In portraits would work.

There is a few character rough sketches through out the game's data.

In order, the text on the right translates to Attack, Agi, Maragi, Bufu, Mabufu, Zio, Mazio, Garu, Magaru.

The help dialogue reads "Designate strategies towards allies." In this image, Fuuka is saying "Watch out, everyone! " Additionally, Fuuka has a circle pattern which in the final game is replace with a floral pattern.

From left to right, Takaya's persona, Jin's persona, and Chidori's persona.

They are all seen in game but their portraits aren't seen.

Unlike the one in the game, this one has more brighter light.

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