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If a family reunion is in the works, set aside room within the newsletter to start teasing the reunion long beforehand to get everyone excited.

Whether it's a regular column from the family matriarch or photos of coloring pages from the youngest members of the family, you're going to need help from family members to make the newsletter successful.

You can either create a newsletter template that you follow from one issue to another, or you can download a template that's already created to make your job easier.

Know that readers respond to consistency, so plan to use the same format every time unless it becomes apparent that you need to adjust it.

Lastly, please help me spread the word far and wide to our family members about this so I can ensure everyone is included.

I'm excited about this new project that will help us all stay connected!

Ask family members to contribute writing or photos to the newsletter on a regular basis, although you will likely find that as the family comes to anticipate the newsletter, they'll start sending you content unsolicited.

If you're struggling to think of content to include within the newsletter, consider these ideas to get you started: Your family doesn't have to be packed full of adventurers to be interesting, particularly to the members within the family.

This will be the best place to let us all know about your latest news and amazing accomplishments!


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