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This means criminal and financial background checks!

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Dating in December is never exactly easy, but we have a few simple rules for how you can make sure you and your significant other are on the same page this Christmas season.

Make Sure You Know Where You Stand If you’ve just starting dating, try and get your relationship status settled before the holiday season approaches.

This is referred to as , and it serves to protect our self-esteem in the event of failure, because we can always attribute it to lack of effort or to task difficulty (Jones & Berglas, 1978).

The strategy can be applied in a dating context as well, such as when we use cute or flippant pickup lines in a potentially self-sabotaging attempt to attract others (Kleinke, Meeker & Staneski, 1986). suggest that one reason people do this is for protection from embarrassment in the event that our line is rejected: We then blame our rejection on the line and not ourselves.

This abundance of choice may be confusing or even daunting, potentially resulting in imprudent choices being made, if you can manage your dating decisions carefully, this means that, mathematically at least, you may have a greater chance of finding a successful match. This Is a Time for Reflection Close to the end of the year, the holiday season is very much a time when we reflect on the previous year and what we might do differently in the year ahead.

We may start to ruminate on why we don’t have a partner in our lives, or we even be interrogated by family members, intent on pairing us off, about why we are single.

And one of those potentially hazardous waters is quickly approaching: Christmastime.

How do you approach the holiday season, a time of year filled with traditions, family activities, and parties?

Do a true criminal check through your local county courts!


  1. There’s no doubt that social media sites, such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter, have improved our lives in many ways. The pursuer would write notes or practice in the mirror before knocking on the door of their beloved; the pursued would sit nervously by the phone for the long-awaited request for a date.

  2. One is that a woman traditionally, if not legally, takes her husband's last name after she marries.

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  6. First there’s Chicago Intercultural Explorers whose mission statement is to bring together folks who are “interested in cross-cultural, ethnic, or racial relations and relationships.” Their get-togethers boast a combination of events and open conversations on the topics related to mixed couples on the dating scene in the hopes of creating a dynamic cross-cultural exchange.

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