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Perhaps your Chinese woman or her family or friends can help you find a trustworthy and affordable moving service.

Have you familiarized yourself with the procedures that are required for foreigners who have just moved to a new city?

You may go through the same process of application for the necessary paperwork that will allow you to move and work in a different city as you did the first time you moved to China, so have all the important papers you will need handy.

You may also need to submit new forms before you can even apply for another work visa; find out everything you will need to process when planning a move.

This is certainly one good reason to have a change of address, especially if it will make your cross-cultural relationship go more smoothly.

Other reasons, which are just as valid, may include a career change or simply a need to have a change in environment.

If there is no special woman as of yet, make calls to apartments in the new city to find out.

Whether you are moving to a new city for your Chinese woman and for the success of your relationship, for a new job opportunity, or just because you need the big change in your life, it can prove to be an exciting and stressful experience.Have you decided how you will move your belongings?The actual move itself can be a real pain in the rear, not to mention all the packing you have to do prior to your move, and then the unpacking after.The law requires newly arrived expats to register at the Public Security Bureau, or PBS, in the area with 10 days of their arrival.You will have to provide your passport, a photograph, and proof of your temporary/permanent accommodation.If you’re lucky enough and already have a special Chinese woman as your girlfriend/fiancée, let her help you.

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