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He was a plumber sent by the landlord to fix the toilet and we ended up on a date (he was #17).

I was catfished, stood up, and lied to multiple times. One guy had a girlfriend and was looking for someone to ‘join the relationship’ (yes a threesome) another had a girlfriend, (I only found out when she tracked me down and sent me an e-mail with photographic evidence warning me of his ‘ways’ and a thinly veiled warning of b*tch get away from my man).

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In addition to encouraging users to take the first step, we also added a new feature to help female users make sensible choices at the end of 2016.

This feature called Review allows them to review and rate their experience with Woo Plus male users.

The only way this was going to happen was if I set myself a goal, a target or had a plan.

I started thinking it through, “What if I just did one date a week? “If I did that for a year I’d date 50 people.” That’s huge!

Are you ready to find out what is the experience in plus size dating app like as a member of a Woo Plus dating site?

This should be the first impression when curvy women first join Woo Plus.

It was shaping up to be the bloody Noah’s Ark of dating with one man of every ‘type.’Seriously though, I was in my mid-thirties and was hoping to find myself a good man and rather than sitting in my apartment wondering why I’m single and waiting for someone to come knocking on my door I decided to do something about it.

Although, (spoiler alert) one of the 50 Fat Dates actually did come knocking on my door.

Woo Plus helps with that by offering an easier, more efficient way for men and women to express their interest.


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