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As soon as I asked if she wanted to meet she straight up asked me what I wanted from it and I told her (don't just want a hookup, want to meet someone and see how we get along etc).

So far there's been no sort of game playing which is nice.

When you know her a little better you may kiss her on both her cheeks.

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She's a university student btw and her English is near perfect so that's not going to be an issue. Boy, you're lucky I saw that thread since I'm the only resident Pole on r/askmen that I know of. Well, if she's dating foreigners through online apps, then she's likely not the kind of person who's traditionalism might cause any significant cultural confusion.

That said, even the progressive Polish women are on average more attached to gender norms then their Western counterparts, so at least some part of her expects you to be her chivalrous protector.

Whether you have previously thought about dating Polish girl or it’s the first time this idea jumped to your mind, there are many important benefits to dating a woman from Poland.

We believe you can find happiness with a girl from any country on the planet, but there are at least 7 reasons why you’ll definitely enjoy your relationship and eventual marriage with a Polish woman.

Zoe Van-de-Velde began writing in 1990 and contributes to e How and Answerbag.

Van-de-Velde has a Bachelor of Arts & Humanities in media and English from De Montfort University.Polish people will appreciate an understated self-assurance rather than anything showy or egotistical.It is not acceptable to drink too much; Poland has a social problem with men drinking too much.This is based on the observation of the man who was dating girls from both countries and now you...Dating with Polish girl is interesting and fascinating.As for scoring points with her through knowing things about Poland, it's a great idea but be very careful around recent politics as Polish society is extremely polarized right now.

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