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Lily, however, convinces Robin to be strong and finish the cake.

Her struggle to finish soon draws others to the apartment to cheer her on, including Barney who brings a keg of beer.

In anger, Robin steals Simon's wedding cake and begins eating it at Ted's apartment, much to Ted's scolding and bewilderment.

She eventually finishes, then proceeds to do a keg stand (Marshall adds that afterwards they had to get her stomach pumped).

The final story has the gang at Mc Laren's, where Barney has his sights set on a girl who just walked into the bar.

He added that, while he enjoyed the stories, he wished that Robin's had somehow tied into Ted and Barney's connected stories.

In this section, read our entertaining short stories specially written for intermediate (CEFR level B1) or upper intermediate (CEFR level B2) learners.

Lily says the girl is out of Barney's league, but Barney claims no girl is unworthy as he is the “Player King of New York City.” Barney relates a story of how he was called before the High Council of Players, a group of pickup artists of differing social backgrounds each with a specific borough of New York City in which they can seduce women (the members are all played by Neil Patrick Harris): hipster Pickle Jar Bob in Brooklyn, guido Staten Island Lou in Staten Island, airline pilot impersonator Captain Bill in Queens, New York Yankee impersonator Bronx Donnie in the Bronx, and upper class Tuxedo Charlie with whom Barney shares Manhattan, using Fifth Avenue as the boundary; Charlie gets the eastern side, Barney the western side.

Because Lisa lives on East 22nd Street and Barney had impersonated Derek Jeter to bed her, Barney must offer Robin and Lily to Charlie and Donnie respectively as recompense for using Donnie's methods in Charlie's territory.Throughout the dinner, Ted receives mixed signals on whether it is a date or not, and Lisa eventually reveals she had once dated a New York Yankees player.Ted is so intrigued he urges her to tell who; she reveals him to be Derek Jeter just as she casually describes their meeting as "a lovely date", but when Lisa shows him a picture, Ted is annoyed to find out it is actually Barney.Marshall nearly gets Marvin to sleep when the bus suffers a flat tire, and Marshall and the other riders step outside to view a fireworks display.Marshall tells Marvin he will be with his mother soon, but dreads the impending fallout he would face from Lily finding out about his judgeship.The episode also features Lin-Manuel Miranda as a rhyming and rapping bus passenger named Gus.

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