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Our services include assessment, treatment planning, resource referral, therapeutic support and education for mental health, substance abuse, and family relationship challenges.Mental Health Services 302-295-2169 Crime Victim Services 302-442-7725 The LACC provides mental health services, short and long term case management, substance abuse prevention, advocacy for victims of crime, and more.302-576-4136 Provides mental/behavioral health care services from licensed, bilingual (English/Spanish), culturally competent professionals.

Call 2-1-1 if you need to be connected to resources within the community to help you manage issues whether you are facing multiple challenges such as single parenthood, or need access to low income services and support (i.e. New Castle County 302-651-4566 Kent County 302-741-2123 Sussex County 302-854-0323 Provides victim service in a child friendly setting in order to expedite the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases while ensuring the victims receive immediate, effective and sensitive support.

1-800-969-4357 The victim service is located throughout the State in the Crisis Intervention Service Centers, the Community Mental Health Centers, the Recovery Response Center and Emergency Rooms.

(Victim/Offender Dialogue) 302-697-7005 Offers victims and survivors of violent crime the opportunity to meet with their offender face-to-face in order to facilitate the healing recovery process.

Victims’ Voices Heard acts as an advocate on behalf of the victim, helping them through the process and arranging a safe and secure environment for the meeting to take place.

Unfortunately, teen dating violence—the type of intimate partner violence that occurs between two young people who are, or who were once in, an intimate relationship—is a serious problem in the United States.

A national survey found that ten percent of teens, female and male, had been the victims of physical dating violence within the past year and can increase the risk of physical injury, poor academic performance, binge drinking, suicide attempts, unhealthy sexual behaviors, substance abuse, negative body image and self-esteem, and violence in future relationships.

Delaware State University Rape Crisis 302-420-5751 24/7 victim service and crisis support University of Delaware Sexual Offense Support (S. S.) 302-831-1001 press 1 24/7 victim service and crisis support (give a first name & phone number and an SOS victim service advocate will call you back within 10 minutes) Children Resources | Court Based Advocacy | Department of Justice – Family Division | Family Visitation Centers |LGBT Resources | Teen Dating Resources |Teen Dating Violence Awareness Training in Delaware Schools 1-800-292-9582 All suspected child abuse and neglect must be reported to the 24-hour Division of Family Services (DFS) Child Abuse and Neglect Report Line or online.

You may also call any Law Enforcement Agency or 911, but not in lieu of contacting DFS. Anyone who makes a good faith report based on reasonable grounds is immune from prosecution.

This program is designed to assist those that need to use Delaware Courts for any domestic related issues.

For example, a criminal trial as a witness, civil issues such as divorce, child custody or support, protection from abuse orders, or any other domestic issue.

We also provide information and support to concerned friends and family members, teachers, counselors, service providers and members of law enforcement.


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