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A cute Russian girl definitely holds her own compared to pretty much any other nationality.

If you see a really cute Russian girl, you’d be really hard pressed to avoid moving into her direction and striking a conversation.

That’s also applicable if you’ve met a Russian girl in tourist destinations like Turkey or Thailand.

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Russian women don’t have the intoxicating sensuality nor the exhilarating swagger of Brazilian women, but they make up for those shortcomings with sincerity, warmth and intensity, all stitched together and interlaced with strong femininity—an invigorating combination that I haven’t found in other European women (Ukrainian women come close).

There’s a stereotypical Russian woman that’s known the world over. What surprises most people is that Russian women are extremely diverse, and that’s because Russia itself is really one of the world’s last remaining empires that’s composed of many diverse races and ethnic groups.

However, if the guy has already spent time in Brazil, formulating my answer becomes infinitely easier.

Russian women have an uncanny resemblance to Brazilian women, but not in the way you think. They’re extremely warm, approachable, friendly and sensual.

And if she’s in the “super cute” or model territory, you’ll suddenly overcome with a temporary amnesia and would have difficulty recalling all the previous women in your life.

Like a Brazilian woman, a Russian woman has a very distinctive body language, so much so that I could usually recognize a Russian woman outside Russia, even in countries where she strongly resembles the native population.

While it’s difficult to say with complete certainty, I’m pretty sure that had I not been living in Brazil when I decided to start this blog, this may have been the inaugural post (or one of the first posts) instead of a post that teaches the Portuguese language.

It just : Russian women (as well as Russian-speaking women from neighboring countries) have been such a big part of my life, and, to a large extend, are duly responsible for the intense chemistry that evolved into torrid relationships only to be balanced out by ferocious breakups as well as some of the downright harshest and vengeful rejections that I’ve experienced in my whole life.

That’s completely false; the two have little in common.)That’s because you must learn the very first rule about the amazing but complicated creature called a Russian woman: she’s the greatest chameleon in the world and has an uncanny ability to adapt and blend into pretty much any environment.


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