dating contract template - Dating scam scenarios

He says that he will not be able to send you the package unless a fine is paid, roughly 300-700 dollars.

The scammer will say that his money order that he received from his boss cannot be cashed where he is.

These fines are promised to be returned to the victim.

When the victim receives the money order, it is useless.

Be very careful with handling this money order - attempting to cash it may lead to banks to filing suit against you.

This scam is a conglomeration of all of them really: scammers will find a create way to tell the victim that they are in serious trouble without money.

They may say that they are waiting for a check to clear, that they have business problems, that they were robbed, or that their bank accounts were frozen for unjust reasons, his credit card is not accepted where he is, and a million other things ranging from medical expenses to food to hotels.

At some point he will ask you to pay for the satellite phone service, telling you that he will return the money quickly.

A package is "shipped" to a woman from a man she met online.Maybe he is robbed, maybe his plane ticket shot up in price.In any case, as long as the victim continues to give money to the scammer, the scammer will not stop. This kind of scam is one of the most common to occur.The victim sends out the information, with the promise that the money will be coming soon.In the mean time, the false government officials ask for money required to perform certain acts, such as bribing officials, paying taxes, and paying off legal fees.The scammer will ask for certain information, and then will send you falsified documentation, and a number of forms, which you will be asked to fill out and return.


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