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"You can't really enjoy your money unless you share it with the ones you love."The 22-year-old says his biggest strengths are his looks and competitiveness. The reason for my absence is that I’m heading to Paradise!I’m excited to let you know I’ll be on FOX’s dopest reality competition, I would love for all of my Friends & family to support me on this journey!

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“The trend just hit at the right time.” “I think that they always worked,” Cohen chimes in, speaking of game shows.

“There’s a reason that these shows have been on forever, and they will be forever.” Regardless of the broadcasting trend, Fleiss, who knows a thing or two about summer programming with his hit spinoff “Bachelor In Paradise,” boils “Love Connection” down to one thing: “It’s really super simple.

But Fleiss says the revamped “Love Connection” is not a game show.

“Yes, there’s a game, but it’s really a relationship show and it’s comedy,” Fleiss says.

It’s before noon on a weekday in late March, and Andy Cohen walks out onto a massive set with possibly the most dramatic entrance ever. ” the voiceover shouts, as the TV personality is unveiled from giant bridge that lowers as he graces the lit-up stage.

Though the environment is familiar to Cohen with a live audience and a cushy couch for conversation with guests, this is not “Watch What Happens Live.” Rather, the Bravo personality is taping an episode of “Love Connection,” the revival of the dating game show, which premieres Thursday night on Fox.The executive producer likens the growing game show trend to a follow-the-leader mentality, recalling all of the networks that have tried to copy-cat “The Bachelor” with similar dating shows over the years, but have failed to find a hit. “Obviously there’s been a resurgence right now of game shows, but this is really not a game show,” he says, also categorizing “Love Connection” as a comedy show, such as Steve Harvey’s “Little Big Shots” at NBC.“Right now, in both scripted and unscripted, everyone is so ratings-challenged that if there’s a brand to it, it helps bring people there,” he explains.Tune in TOMORROW at 8/7c on @FOXTV for the premiere — and every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday after.#paradisehotel A post shared by Bobby⚡️ Ray (@bobrayy) on ."I'm here for both money and love," Carlos said.The show is focusing on frustrated singles who’ve tired of the endless swiping on mobile dating apps.


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