Dating site for cyclists

Having been involved in cycling for rougly a decade he has seen many cyclist relationships succeed as well as fail.

On one hand is a very healthy sport that activates our blood circulation and increases our well-being.

Cycling dates are a great way to discover each other, to have adventures together and most importantly, they are a great way of embracing spontaneity.

The beauty of having a cycling date is that you can stop at any beautiful spot you would like to and share the experience with your partner.

If you are a cyclist then dating another cyclist can seem like the ultimate win-win situation and it definitely can be.

However, there definitely some potential drawbacks worth considering before you start asking for numbers at the next race or group ride.

The problems arise when someone is stressed about power zones etc. This leads to the classic “can I come” and “are you sure” situation which rarely turns out well.

I personally remember one such situation that resulted in a 110km gravel road ride around a lake that contained a lot of pushes, two frustrated people, and an arrival home well after sun down.

With the explosion of the digital dating scene, new websites have started to developed to focus on the preferences of people.

Singles have a new exciting world to discover in front of them.

You need to be ok with this going in, or the local cycling community is going to start to feel really small really fast.

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