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It’s close and some would say more girls are active and actually respond on Cupid than on Badoo.But there is no denying that Badoo can work in Trinidad, especially in the smaller cities. Because once you get outside Port of Spain, there just aren’t many girls using any other online dating sites.

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There were only a few hundred girls on Tinder throughout the whole country.

I met some nice Trini girls on Tinder and we’ll get to that later, but the app just wasn’t as popular in this country as it is in other places.

The quality isn’t as high as Tinder in Trinidad, but I still found more than enough sexy girls who used the site every week and responded to my messages quickly.

It was really easy to get girls out on dates from Caribbean Cupid, too.

If you plan to meet women anywhere but the capital, then Badoo may be the most important weapon in your arsenal.

Use Badoo in Trinidad if you get outside Port of Spain and need to meet some women online.Normally, I get to a country and can easily set dates using different apps and sites. I was living in Colombia, where online dating is crazy popular.I’d been using Latin American Cupid (LAC) and Tinder with great success. I rolled into Port of Spain thinking I could just swipe away and spam message on Latin American Cupid.Since the population is so low, you just won’t find tons of women using online dating here. Enough with all the talk about online dating in Trinidad, let’s talk about where you can meet these fine Trini women.It took some work, but here are the best online dating sites in Trinidad and Tobago for Caribbean travelers: I found Caribbean Cupid to be the best online dating site in Trinidad.If you’re wanting to meet Trini women, then the dating sites below will give you the best shot.


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