Dating sites like blackplanet john paul lavoisier and farah fath dating

Keep it up guys, you have build up hell of a forum You have people stealing your posts and pictures.

There is too many fake profiles on there and scams.

Yeah, nice community and always worth checking out. It ain't a real dating site though so if you really want to go into serious dating you rather use large black dating sites sites like Black Singles4or maybe Been an active member since 2011 so I know there ain't no better community for us.

Some members flood and spam the chat rooms, Some creating fake profiles with the same exact spelling of an already existing profile. I reported him to black planet and his username is no longer there, but he is on the site under several different users using the same photos. Hate crime artist anti breast cancer awareness, and pro hate crime minded to treat our White womwen badly.

I saw one member get harassed and they posted her real name and address. I have been harassed and stalked myself to the point of closing my account, and i will not be returning anytime soon. I was on that site for less than a month before encountering a scammer from nigeria, but claimed he lived in the US but working in Nigeria.

Blackplanet is full of racist users that do nothing but chat racial derogatory content about white people all day long and the website allows it. When someone gets sued for racial discrimination or slandering white users maybe the owners will wake up.

My first thought was that this was a pseudo black community site pretending to be about black people and their struggles but I was wrong.Unlike the most popular sites used today, there was also a hit counter, a list of one’s most recent visitors and the infamous guestbook.Outside of the actual page, members had a chance to write to those who weren’t online or search for individuals (in their location or outside of their area) who were currently online.How can anyone looking for a decent human being think that another person who selected this site for skin color could be worthy of their time?? I hate to say this but this site seems to be run by ghetto black people. S but over in some parts of Africa within few days of just chatting each asks for money,,, one help with mom's operation, another help wit food there this site has a lot of scanners And a couple has not taken no for answer I will be reporting. To make this very quick, this site has so many technical issues. Then blocking them a lot if the profiles are fake please don't get taken in it's a waste of time. it makes absolutely no sense that the site is down at last 20% of the time and 40-50% of the time it's unresponsive/frozen! Furthermore, I didn’t even know that it still existed.


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