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The reason behind the deep color still remains a mystery.

Discovered by Samuel Damon during the 1800s, these flowers come in a wide range of colors and variety.

They usually come in red but don’t be surprised if you see them in orange, yellow, or even blue. These flowers are used during weddings and other celebrations!

You could use them during weddings or other formal occasions.

The bright color and dark green stem will surely add spark and beauty to the occasion.

They are actually waxy modified leaves which have a fleshy spike. It requires organic soil, and good drainage and water retention to grow properly. However, if you notice closely, the color is not exactly pink.

A lighter shade of pink with a good combination of green and yellow enhances the beauty of this waxy leaf.

Even though green anthurium flowers have some special requirements, you can still grow them successfully. High humidity and good moisture will allow these flowers to grow quicker.

The dark blue anthurium is absolutely beautiful to look at.

The chocolate anthurium flowers are tropical plants and belong to the Araceae family.

They are heart shaped, usually large and glossy in appearance.

This charming flower has a special appeal to attract people around them.


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