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At first I wondered who, on breaking several teeth in over-setting them, would continue on bloody-minded to the end ... Improved Temper, mirror polish, carved hardwood handle. The blade is made from a secret alloy of Vanadium Steel, of great toughness, and will work longer than any other saw without sharpening being at the same time more difficult to buckle in use. before I thought that it might have been done by machine and the mess made all in one go. ) I had not noted the gullet-origination of the cracks ... They will usually cut through nails or other hard materials in wood without damage, but are not guaranteed in this respect."Also ... Leach tool-list: "Uncommon Preston saw set; a most unusual design, with folding arms on which 9" of the blade is supported; the plunger action is activated with a hammer" at this again now - the hammer setter - I can see how it would be used ... I am in the very background thinking of schemes for sharpening and setting where I can sit in one place and have the work travel in front of me. They work perfectly well, though, & I suggest they are intended to be at least as soft as, or a bit softer than the saw steel so that they don't squash and mar the teeth excessively during setting. an adventurous biography of an adventurous Henry Tyzack! After denigrating Oz saws on ebay :rolleyes: I received these four a couple weeks back now.

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Yes - I recall now discussion about the anvil part. but couldn't decide if that sounded like a reasonable thing or not. The only kicker was that somehow I let a D100 from the same set of lots get away from me.

Cheers, Yes I know you, Chippy and others had said that - I couldn't recall if/how much of a problem it was. Tysick Genealogy ( Thanks Toby, Paul For the record - Pacman's recent S&J find. All virtually full blades and the handles have been looked after and waxed (I'm guessing) - they are beautiful.

I fixed up a couple of Spear and Jackson saws from the 60’s this week and finished them off today.

You can buy these on e Bay for around £25 (sometimes less) and at first glance you may discard the option to buy.

The cracks begin at the points of the gullets, as you'd expect under those circumstances. Cheers, Paul Ray G's summary of S&J backsaws over time: Comparative Dating by Style - Saw Discussion Forums (

I've seen similar damage, even on less brittle saws. The above saws are the best that can possibly be be made, regardless of price.

:o High tensile bolt would be much more practical, and would not shatter if hit too enthusiastically.

For the record, I have never seen or used a setter like this, Paul, but I certainly wouldn't use a bit of file in that application - it would be only fractionally better than using a piece of glass!

and the hammer method either had more support for the blade (the whole anvil) or a more localised application of force.

It locks a projection into a tooth gullet - so I needed that of course.

I was assuming the same process as the broken teeth - but what you say is very interesting.

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