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If your college dating life isn’t what you imagined it would be, you have your whole life ahead of you.

While I did date in college, particularly during my senior year, my post-college dating life is much better than my college dating life.

I asked current students and recent graduates for their college dating advice.

Wait and see what happens when you get there, because you truly never know.”“I wish I had known that I shouldn’t water myself down for my significant other,” says Val.

“I was told I was ‘too much’ constantly and it took me two years after the breakup to fall in love with myself again.” She adds, “As a queer woman, I wish there had been more representation about emotional abuse and manipulation in queer relationships.

College is an exciting new chapter with new friendships being formed and new opportunities placed before you. If you’re struggling with singleness, see this article: 10 Biblical Tips for Christian Singles Jesus said, “Love your neighbor,” so that basically means, “love your bunk mate.” Get to know your roommate. Put the fruit of the Spirit in action every day before you even leave your room: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

But all of these changes can be a bit overwhelming. If you’ve ever worked a job before, then you know with a job comes expectations and responsibilities. You have prepared for this role for most of your life under the support and guidance of your parents. Take this opportunity to learn skills in being a good listener and communicator. What once defined you for years no longer defines you in college. Maybe you’ve built who you are based upon your academic success or sport/art accomplishments, and the idea of not having those things known is disappointing.

“Then going back into real Black spaces makes you recognize all the politics that surrounds desirability.”If you’re at a small college, or even part of a small community at a larger college, people might gossip about your love life.

(Just like in high school.) “Dating another student at a small college means that everyone else will know about your relationship, some of which they might know before you do,” says one anonymous junior.Here are some dating tips for college students that will help you to enjoy your dates, and be safe. If you’re honest with yourself, you probably have mixed emotions about it. So the ‘how to guide’ to go from liking someone to ‘dating, pursuing, courting’ them for marriage is determined by us; however, that freedom needs to be shaped by what the scriptures do say about honoring God and one another.Recent grad Sophie Siegel says, “I learned that you should take advantage of your on-campus sexual resource centers.They provide a lot of information on protection, space, and emotional health.It took me so long to realize what I was facing because it wasn’t the man-abuses-woman relationship I had grown up being told was the one to watch out for.”Nam adds, “I wish I had known that you may love your partner and expect them to love you in the same way, but if your friends let you know of red flags, then you need to listen to them. It was just a miscommunication, until you vent to your friends and realize too late that your partner is gaslighting you.


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