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Turkey has been a destination interest of mine for a long time.

This ancient empire rivals the world’s most famous civilizations in history and contribution to world affairs.

Recently, Turkey has seen a drop-off in Tourism, for good cause.

The Turkish were nothing but hospitable to me during me stay.

With that said, Turkish women don’t seem to hold a strong curiosity of the outside world.

They seem content and satisfied with their lives in Turkey.

Besides her superficial traits, she was incredibly sweet, fun and nurturing.

My perceptions of what a Turkish woman could like look and be, were altered.

While a sizable portion of the population of Istanbul is religiously conservative, the most liberal-minded women reside in city formerly known as Constantinople. Three bridges separate the European from the Asia part. From the perspective of gaining an authentic Turkish experience while placing you in area with solid talent, the following areas are recommended: Arnavutköy: is a solid choice as it is in the heart of nightlife.

It is an upscale neighborhood right by the Bosphorus.

My cultural and historical interests recently took me to a stay in Turkey, affording me the opportunity for mixing it up with the local women, complimenting an otherwise cultural type of trip.

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