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If your date was very selective about her clothes as well, it means she cares about you and your special meeting!But we’re not saying it’s obligatory to always be very nice to her.Well, the reasons aren’t obvious but they do exist.

The instinct of survival is important but it shouldn’t replace romance and devotion in any way. By telling you’re poor, you can scare her away, and by telling you’re rich, you can attract her for the wrong reasons.

Give the two of you some time to develop mutual interest and care before you reveal your real financial situation. Better not to sound like you’re begging for a date, but don’t be too pushy and cocky either.

You should know in advance which questions you will ask her face to face, when exactly you will take her hand into yours, and how long your bill will be. Although you must leave some space for spontaneous things.

It’s also important to dress correctly for your first date.

Sometimes Ukrainian girls deserve some good lesson.

If they gave you a strong reason to educate them – bring their brains out!Your attitude towards her should be a wise mix of gallant courtship and thrift. Ukrainian chicks like self-confident men, even alpha-males, but there is a right time for that.On the very beginning, they really like to be treated like princesses.Don’t be afraid to initiate your breakup if you have more profound reasons for that than a typical thought about a greener grass somewhere else.If it wasn’t just a short fling for you and you got really attached to your Ukrainian girlfriend, it must be hard to recover.So, there should always be a certain strategy about the first date.


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