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She explained that though the platform is open to all age groups, it has been more popular with single seniors, who are often considered easy targets for matchmaking scams.

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Infidelity is the main crime that Wu is accused of by his sexual partners; and Chinese netizens.

Even if hooking up is less stigmatised, the way Wu is being judged shows that love-based relationships with faithful partners still have more validity in the public eye than relationships based on sex.

It demonstrates greater acceptance that women have the right to have sex before marriage and this behaviour does not automatically lead to them being shamed anymore. casual sexual encounters, are increasingly common and accepted among men and women.

The fact that more and more Chinese women are delaying marriage is another factor that motivates women to seek sex before marriage.

In September 2017, after the death of a tech entrepreneur whose suicide was linked to an alleged marriage scam, the Ministry of Civil Affairs ordered dating websites to keep records of users’ real identities.

China is also coming down hard on policing public morality: Earlier this month, 600 people were arrested for selling erotic content and services under the guise of dating apps, while phone sex and room-sharing apps have also been targeted for vulgarity.

Zhang Ying, a professional matchmaker in Kunshan, a city in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, told Sixth Tone that despite admirable intentions, the platform may not meet contemporary needs.

From her 12 years of experience in the industry, Zhang said that the modern mentality around marriage is changing fast, alongside China’s growing economy.

Chinese women are increasingly gaining sexual liberty and more rights over their own bodies.


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