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Mail Order 4839 - Cool and comfortable, cover-all apron or jumper. The * is used in repeating – ‘repeat from *’ – means to repeat everything that follows the last *.Patterns were often offered through newspapers and magazines features via mail order.

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All easy and quick to make in fine or heavy cotton. 2ND ROUND: Ch 4, 2 tr (thread twice around hook for a tr) in same st as last sl st, * ch 1, 3 tr in next long stitch; repeat from * around ending with ch 1, a sl st in the top st of first ch 4.

3RD ROUND: A sl st in next tr, ch 1, 1 sc in same st as last sl st, * ch 7, skip next 2 tr, 1 sc in next tr; repeat from * around ending with ch 7, a sl st in first sc of round.

Vintage patterns get a bad rap for being extremely difficult to fit, but they're really no worse than modern patterns, I think.

The big differences are 1) patterns were not multi-sized (there's only one size per pattern envelope) so you can't grade between sizes, 2) lack of availability, especially on the larger end of the sizing spectrum, 3) and changes in fashion silhouette that affect ease.

These are the patterns found on Page 40 of the may, 1953 issue. Smooth lined, scalloped capelet gives a suggestion of sleeves.

These patterns could be ordered for 35 cents (in coins), with an additional five cent charge for First Class mailing.

12TH ROUND: A shell in first shell, * ch 5, a shell in next shell, skip next chain loop, (ch 6 and 1 sc) in 4 chain loops, ch 6, a shell in next shell; repeat from * around ending as last round.

13TH ROUND: A shell in first shell, * ch 5, 5 tr in center st of next chain loop, ch 5, a shell in next shell, skip a chain loop, (ch 6 and 1 sc) in 3 chain loops, ch 6, a shell in shell; repeat from * around, end as before.

I’ve seen a reasonable amount of mail order patterns in a 48″ bust, which is as common as unicorns in vintage patterns from the Big Three regular pattern companies (Mc Calls, Simplicity, Butterick).

If you’re striking out finding larger vintage patterns, consider giving mail order patterns a try.

Occasionally these patterns will have the original mailing envelope with it.


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