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Responsibility means taking ownership for your half of a relationship.You aren’t responsible for the other person’s choices or responses, but you are responsible for how your actions affect them and how you are responding to them.

Unconditional acceptance simply says, “You get to be you, and I get to be me in this relationship.” At the foundation of every healthy relationship must be an agreement that you will not try to control or change each other.

As you get to know someone, pay attention to your thoughts and the messages you’re picking up from them.

For many people, their faith is more like paint on a wall than a pillar holding up their house.

As you’re getting to know someone in a dating relationship, pay attention to see if the person is truly relying on God to meet his or her core needs.

It’s what you do about it that builds responsibility or irresponsibility into a relationship.

Many people today simply run away when a dating relationship gets uncomfortable, either offering vague reasons for why they want to breakup, or worse, “ghosting” someone by dropping all communication.

One of the areas where responsibility is most critical in relationships is in resolving conflicts and cleaning up our messes.

Scary and painful things are going to happen in every relationship.

These 7 pillars of healthy relationships are universal truths that you should be applying to every relationship in your life.

While all of those are valid, there’s something deeper, yet just as important, that you need to be paying attention to as you date, and that is this: , I describe 7 qualities that need to be strong for a relationship to be healthy.

Even if it is right for you to end a relationship, do it in a responsible way.


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