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She also appeared in a famous magazine named “The Sexiest Party” in the year 2010.Apart from that, she becomes an anchor at MTV due to her fine performance in MTV Roadies season 4.

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A lot of people made same tattoos on his shoulders and wrist like VJ Bani tattoos.

VJ Bani is also one of the finest anchors of television shows.

This audition becomes the turning point of her life and in her career too. Unfortunately, she did not win the title of this reality show, but due to her manipulating skills and bold attitude, she became the runner up of MTV Roadies season 4.

The performance of VJ Bani in MTV Roadies season 4 was appreciated by everyone and also she got a lot of fame through this reality show.

At that time, a lot of people search the biography of VJ Bani on the internet.

There were also some rumors that VJ Bani dating Waffi after the end of the 4th season of MTV Roadies. Although VJ Bani and Waffi were seen together at various parties and restaurants. She started her career as a television host in the year 2006.

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She also tried her luck in modeling as well as in films.


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