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Dating Glass Trade Beads - Interviews Database Fields: Artifacts Database Fields: Glass Beads Glass Bead Descriptions Glass Bead Database Glass Bead Sequence - A Beginning Major Bead Types/Varieties -Glass Bead Chronology - Start/Finish Glass Bead Sequence - Major Bead Fields Glass Bead Sequence - Minor Bead Fields Glass Bead Sequence - Major & Minor Glass Bead Fields Glass Bead Chronology - An End, A Beginning Glass Bead Chronology - Dating Other Artifacts - Dating Beads as Heirlooms Bead Dating Conclusions Other Factors - Appreciation Paper 2 Figures Paper 2 Tables Paper 2 References Prior to the interviews, glass bead database fields were developed generally employing the Kidd and Kidd (Kidd and Kidd 1970 46) glass bead classification system as amended by Brain (Brain 1981 7).

Brain used variety as the basic unit of description, comparison and interpretation.

An example of a drawn bead variety from Brain is IIA1, which is a simple bead with rounded ends and white color; the color in this case draws the "1" variety.

Bead varieties IIA1 and IVA1, were identical save the thin clear exterior coating of glass on IVA1.

At Tunica IIA1 represented 5,887 specimen and IVA1 113,501.

Brain sized his IIA1 examples as very small to very large.

Brain elected not to use size to define any bead variety; rather he reported a size range for each variety.

Brain's type descriptions differed slightly from Kidd and Kidd and parentheses are added below to note the changes . Wire-wound beads, which begin with a 'W', are divided into three classes - I, II and III, based on construction, shape and additional decoration, after Brain, A further division of wire-wound classification is "type" which defines more closely details of shape and decoration.

The type classification follows Brain's work with the Tunica material, i.e. Brain (Brain 1981 3) modified Kidd and Kidd's classification indicating that variety "of all bead types, drawn and wire-wound, take into account variations in size, degree of opacity versus translucency, color and where appropriate, qualities of surface decoration".

Table 1 indicates the Chickasaw glass bead typology.


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