Dating with chronic illness old age dating sites

You're asking nice people to hang out with you and date you.

My illness is always going to be in the picture, and there is no simple 'cure.' My fear of becoming a burden leads me to choose to be alone and it makes me sad.

How should I approach dating in regards to my health? I would like to be able to share myself with someone despite all my health-related baggage.

You said it best: "It has virtually transformed my outlook on life to be more positive and open to change." I mean, how many people can actually say that about themselves?

I don't want to make you roll your eyes by telling you that everything's peachy and that everyone is open to dating someone with a chronic illness, but I do think that many people would be into . Re-frame the importance of this illness in your own brain and then disclose it like you would anything else.

There are some truly negative and healthy people out there who have rendered themselves undateable just because they have a bad attitude. As in, "I like hiking, biking, hanging out with my friends, and I'm strangely resilient because I've learned to deal with a chronic illness.

You'll never catch me whining about little things." All of that's true, right?

It has virtually transformed my outlook on life to be more positive and open to change.

Despite these personal epiphanies, I find I have a blind spot in regards to the dating world.

I know that I talk a big game about being positive and being open to change when deep down I am afraid.

I have witnessed the impact of my health on the people I love and I want to spare others the pain of not being able to 'fix' my situation.

It is difficult for the subject to come up organically in conversation, aside from asking "Have you heard any interesting medical stories lately?


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